It is our hope that the following books will be helpful to you and your loved ones on the road to healing.

White Umbrella

By Mary Frances Bowley

Courage to Heal

By Ellen Bass & Laura Davis
Harper & Row

Emotional Incest Syndrome
By Patricia Love
Bantam Books

On the Threshold of Hope
By Diane Langberg
Tyndale House

Partners in Recovery
By Beverly Engel
Lowell House

Prisoner of Another War
By Marilyn Murray
PageMill Press

Secret Survivors
By E. Sue Blume
Ballantine Books

Silently Seduced: Understanding Covert Incest
By Kenneth M. Adams
Health Communications

These Are My Private Parts

By Diane Hansen
Empowerment Productions

Victims No Longer: Men Recovering from Incest and Other Sexual Child Abuse
By Mike Lew
Harper & Row

The Wounded Heart
By Dan B. Allender


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